From: The Racing Addict To: The Industry Part 2

My second interview in my five part series is of a fellow racing addict: Katie Marie. She got into racing at the age of 16 after her first experience with Thoroughbreds came in the form of an honest, and willing OTTB. The thing she remembers most about him was his heart and how hard he tried to do what she asked of him. Katie began more intensive work with OTTBs and Thoroughbreds after a visit to the track with one of her friends when said friend was looking for a long lost horse. Katie was offered a job by a local trainer but ended up going in her free time to groom, walk, tack up, and even had the opportunity to gallop at the trainer’s farm. She’s had experience in every aspect of the industry, and even has her own OTTB named Simon. I gave her the same base question as Victoria, and then the interviewed differed from there.*

From: The Casual Racing Fan To: The Industry Part 1

The sport will soon turn its eyes to Del Mar for the Breeders’ Cup but much of the public will be solely focused on New York, and not for a good reason, to the dismay of many in the industry. While the racing world is waiting for the gates to break open, many are questioning what is going on at Saratoga to cause the horses to break down.

Post-Derby Reactions/Horse Conditions

Let’s be honest: this year’s Derby was a madhouse between the track conditions and the 20 horse field, the chaos has extended to social media as fans and connections alike try to make sense of the previous day’s results. To dispel any nasty rumors and inaccurate reports, here are the most up-to-date information on the horses and their connections. This article will actively update as the information comes available, so stay tuned here!

A History of Polish Racing

Tor Sluzewiec Bird's Eye View Circa 1939

Tor Służewiec Bird’s Eye View Circa 1939

According to the New Universal Encyclopedia of the Polish Scientific Publishers, horse racing is the oldest form of riding, though no one is entirely sure when exactly people began to take up racing on the Polish territory.  However, “horse racing” back in that time period is not the same as the sport we know and love today.