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The “B” Word: Banned from Racing


Banned from racing.

While it is dumbed down to the easiest of terms, it’s a phrase that the industry struggles to implement as actions. Why it’s a problem, is confusing to me.

In the past couple of years, we as an industry have been rocked by many instances that would qualify as a gross misuse of power over the innocent, and it took massive public outcry to elicit a response from the powers at be.

Post Breeders’ Cup Reaction: Disappointment

Gun Runner wins the Stephen Foster before taking the 2017 BC Classic

The title is self-explanatory to some degree: I am extremely disappointed and it’s not because my favorite horse didn’t win (he actually did).

Breeders’ Cup is a time to celebrate the best that racing has to offer, and this year, it has fallen remarkably flat. Why?

Missing in Racing: Retirement Farms

Songbird retires to a great life

There is a pandemic in racing: not enough places for racehorses to retire. Now, I’m not talking about the mares and stallions that people spend heavy thousands (and even millions) on, like Songbird in the picture above; I’m talking about the old, the permanently lame, and those destined to be pasture ornaments.