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The “B” Word: Banned from Racing


Banned from racing.

While it is dumbed down to the easiest of terms, it’s a phrase that the industry struggles to implement as actions. Why it’s a problem, is confusing to me.

In the past couple of years, we as an industry have been rocked by many instances that would qualify as a gross misuse of power over the innocent, and it took massive public outcry to elicit a response from the powers at be.

Aftercare Aftershock-Splintering from Within Pt. 1

When it comes to our horses, Thoroughbred fans are the first ones to defend our beloved breed’s honor. Owners pour thousands into making sure that their horses have the best care that money can buy and trainers often handle animals worth millions of dollars in racing and breeding futures.

However, what happens if the horse doesn’t pan out like his more successful counterparts? What happens when the owner is only in the game for the racing and not the breeding or retraining parts?