Keeping up with Chrome: It IS Possible!

UPDATED: November 23, 2019- Links to the Arrow Stud homepage (pictures of his new home) at the end of the article. 

California Chrome 2019

If you haven’t heard the news that California Chrome has been sold to Japan’s Arrow Stud for stallion duty…you have been actively avoiding the internet for the last 48 hours. You’re probably better for it, to be frank.

Now, many of the concerns I’ve been seeing are entirely unfounded. Any comment with Ferdinand, cheese burger (or any other food product) and posted in all caps is overly-dramatic. I’ve also seen and reported several subliminal -and not so subliminal- threats toward Taylor Made and staff. I’m putting this out now because if you did any of that, you’re probably in social media jail right now. No sympathy from me.

However, I have also seen several very valid concerns: how will we keep up with him now? When -and how- will we learn about his foals over there? I am posting this article with a couple links that should help alleviate some of those fears and hopefully provide you a way to keep up with the red horse.

Below is the link to the Japanese Bloodstock Information System or JBIS website. I’ve described it as the offspring of Equibase and Equineline but on steroids and free. It won’t be available immediately, so give them a couple months, but once Chrome goes through customs, quarantine, and any other procedures the Japanese government requires, he will be included with the next website update. No worries, the website is also available in English and the link will send you to that version.

Click here to go to the Japanese Bloodstock Information System.

Through this website, you can access the information for any mares or stallions sent to the country. Compared to Equibase or Equineline here in America (where everything is behind a paywall), you can see information about foals, what color the foals are, if they survived, when they were born, etc. You even get to see the race replays…free of charge.

If you find yourself interested with the website, you can see sales information for your favorite stallions and if you stay up late (or early enough) you can watch the auctions. They provide dollar amounts for America and several other countries on the screen. It’s quite different from what you’re used to if you’ve only ever watched the Keeneland or Fasig-Tipton sales. It will have a notice for when those auctions start, so you can watch and keep tabs on how his foals sell over there.

Below is Shanghai Bobby’s page, who also stands at Arrow Stud. This is similar to what Chrome’s page will look like, minus likely having a picture included.

Here is a page for a local stallion (someone they readily have pictures with permissions available). This is Lord Kanaloa, the sire of super filly Almond Eye. He’s been there quite a bit longer being a local horse, so his pages will have more information than Bobby, who arrived very recently. Chrome’s stallion profile will look a lot like the top screenshot, but be patient. There will be more in time.










As another example, here is Zazu, the beautiful grey who campaigned in Zenyatta’s colors before being sold to Japan. This is her breeding page with information about her foals. You can click on any of their names and go further into the rabbit hole. Don’t be shy, explore the website and catch up with horses you’ve been wondering about; it’s all listed here.

If you are looking for statistics or a huge list of everyone imported into/exported out of Japan, create a free account with the Japanese Stud Book. From there, you can search by year, In 2019 alone, Blind Luck, Talismanic, Mind Your Biscuits, etc. have entered the country for breeding purposes.

Click here to go to the Japanese Stud Book. 

Click here to visit the homepage of Arrow Stud. It is in Japanese, but Google translate does help a bit. It includes pictures of the farm.

These are going to be your best resources to keep up with the American horses in Japan. I’m sure the farms have social media as well, but I would be remiss to not remind some of you to behave when you’re on their pages. They know how some people view them but they still go out of their way to keep everyone as updated as possible. I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate the Japanese thinking American racing fans are a lot of emotionally unstable lunatics, would you?


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  1. I hope that Chrome sires so brilliantly for the hemisphere that was smart enough to buy him that selling him turns out to be the biggest lollapalooza of a mistake ever made in the hemisphere that let him go.


  2. This is going to help tremendously when Chrome is there. The uproar with fans and chromies is amazing and the comments are overwhelming!! I certainly feel somewhat better knowing I can follow him. Thank you a million times over!


    • I’m glad it helps you to some degree! I know Arrow Stud has a Facebook page, so if you have an account, it might be worth your efforts to also follow them there. He’ll have Shanghai Bobby and Lani to keep him company, two very personable horses in their own right. 🙂

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