I’m calling all the fans of racing: from casual to life timers.

I am in need of ideas but not for the blog; for a magazine.

I have been hearing and reading from disgruntled fans that the racing industry does not do the best job of reporting what happens to horses after they retire. I have also witnessed quite a few rumors being churned up and circulated that the industry chooses to ignore instead of addressing head-on and putting them to rest.

Now, if you were going to be buying a magazine every month about racing or OTTBs, what kind of articles would you like to see in it? Do you want only information about horses, do you want to know about the farms that are rehabilitating and retraining former racers, would you like to see various retirement farms, or do you want articles about what racing is doing to end cheating, race day drugs, or about the WHOA allience?

Leave your suggestions below!