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Post Breeders’ Cup Reaction: Disappointment

Gun Runner wins the Stephen Foster before taking the 2017 BC Classic

The title is self-explanatory to some degree: I am extremely disappointed and it’s not because my favorite horse didn’t win (he actually did).

Breeders’ Cup is a time to celebrate the best that racing has to offer, and this year, it has fallen remarkably flat. Why?

Because this year, we had an owner who thought he could threaten to sue a committee that refused to enter his first time starter into a World Championship and then laughed at them over their concern for her safety like a money-hungry lunatic for days. His best finish was a fourth placing for the weekend, but yes, let’s jeopardize our sport by entering a filly without the first clue as to what she’s doing into a bullpen she’s not prepared for at all.

Because we have fans of a certain red, chromey horse that decided to cheer at Arrogate’s faltering form. With fans like you, who needs PETA, who needs the uninformed public, and who needs cheaters in racing? Our own “fans” will sink us in the court of public opinion before any of our own actions do.

Because I have seen some of the most bitter reactions at genuine expressions of emotions that I have ever seen in my life. Rather than be happy that new/long-time owners got a chance to feel a Breeders’ Cup trophy in their hands, you bitched about how the trainer was annoying or a jerk or obnoxious. Wow, glad you felt that excitement that a new champion was crowned.

Because instead of cheering on Gun Runner as he finished powerfully through the stretch, you sent me a private message on twitter saying that I shouldn’t be cheering on the horse of a drug trainer. Nevermind that you could barely communicate cohesively in english and had been wagering on some of the most notorious tracks for cheating ALL DAY (said person was posting his wagers on his timeline, hence why I knew that).

This Breeders’ Cup was incredible in many ways, but many of you took it as a time to continue to sit in your damn pit of misery and complain about everything you saw. Not once did I see some of you take the time to spread the word and draw people in to watch one of the most beautiful tracks in the states. Not ONCE did some of you have a single nice thing to say about any horse that beat yours on a ticket.

So yes, I am disappointed and I am pissed off because I now understand why so many of my friends don’t want to invest emotionally in the sport: because the long-established fans scare them off.

Good going, guys. Gold star.

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    This blog is essential reading. The long time fans of horse racing NEED to read this blog. Please stop ruining the sport for potential fans.