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What’s New: Writing Topic Submissions

Hi everyone,

This post is actually a rather humorous house-keeping note to start out. It pertains to some of the topics that I have been receiving in my email as potential posts.

Some of you have the weirdest sense of humor.

I spend more time laughing at some of these suggestions than I do actually writing columns. If they get any crazier, I might just start a satire column (very much Onionesque) with some of your suggestions. To illustrate my point, here are some of the write-ins that I’ve received over the course of the last few weeks: (some were edited for grammar and understanding)

  • Take Charge Brandi’s failure to return to form; title of article: “female decides she’s not listening to an old man or anyone shorter than her”
  • Beholder’s Secret to success: dazzling speed and a big butt
  • The Greatest Horse in the World only ever races in one place in the world (edited)
  • California sinks and our likely Kentucky Derby winners go with it
  • It’s raining Baffert trainees
  • NYRA buys Santa Anita to have shot at hosting Breeders’ Cup (edited)
  • Definition of “good east coast racing” according to the west: Kentucky and New York; Definition of “good west coast racing” according to the east: California. Everyone else apparently only races camels.
  • Dortmund: Proof that super tall and athletic doesn’t always get the goods
  • Zenyatta v. RA v. Uncle Sam v. a ham sandwich v. the Star Spangled Banner v. the Holy Ghost: Who’s the Greatest Ever? (edited)

I could go on all day about the suggestions I’ve been getting but these were a few of my favorites.

With the comedic portion of this post done, there were a few that were a little rude and riddled with falsified information, so if you sent that kind of suggestion in, know that it was ignored.

While we at CG appreciate the funny suggestions, we don’t appreciate things that imply someone should die to make racing better or anything cluttered with swear words. If you sent those, they went the way of the rude emails and were ignored. Please remember that what you say on the internet could effect some one in a very serious way. Spreading rumors or reporting untrue information is unfair to the subject party and could get everyone involved in the reporting in serious trouble. We will not report or write about something that has been proven to be flat-out untrue and we will NEVER write a piece insulting or “bashing” someone in racing.

Lastly (it’s hard to believe that I even have to write this), if you send in something that even vaguely resembles a death threat toward anyone at CG or about anyone involved in racing, your email, your IP address, and any other information we receive will be turned over to the police. This is a VERY serious note: do not send those in as those kinds of emails are on a STRICT ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. There is no second chance for you if you send in a death threat. Have I gotten one? No, but one of my fellow bloggers has and it has shaken her to the core. She’s afraid to leave her house and walk down the street to go to class without someone going with her. No amount of disagreement should equal you sending a death threat to anyone ever. Keep this in mind as you go forward, folks.

Sorry to end on such a morbid note, but it had to be addressed. I have my fair share of disagreements with people on every spectrum of life but I have never ever wished death or harm on them because they didn’t agree with me. Learn to debate correctly, and learn to understand that words do hurt and can harm physically if taken too far. I’m not one for political correctness, but there is a difference between being honest and being cruel. Learn where the line is and don’t cross it.