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Welcome to the NEW Casual Galloper!

Hi everyone!

I know that a lot of you are used to the old blog site, and so was I, but unfortunately, because they [the old blog host] have become increasingly unreliable, the Casual Galloper has been moved to a new home!

So, we are now part of the WordPress family!

Since this spring will mark a new point in my life, I’ve decided that many of my social media outlets and my blog site will reflect this change as well! I hope you enjoy the new look of the Galloper and if you see any nagging bugs, let me know! I can’t fix it if I don’t know that the problem exists.

This new blog for me also marks a new opportunity for you, the reader, to contribute to what I write about! Not every blogger knows what to write about 24/7 that is different from their usual cup of tea (pedigree in my case), so when we get suggestions from our readers, it’s a welcome challenge to us! Don’t feel that you are over stepping any imaginary line or stepping on my digital toes by going to the “Contact Me” page and sending in a suggestion, complaint, or revision. Contrary to popular belief, some of us do still believe in writing accurate articles that correctly present news and information.

With all that being covered, I do have to announce some new rules and procedures that have changed from the last site:

  • I will no longer be allowing for over-the-top fiery discussions. There is a way to respectfully argue a point with someone without resorting to name calling or calling their opinion “stupid” or something much worse. I was lenient on this before but no more. I’ve had people contact me with concerns about a certain trouble-making group of people returning and me having to shut down the comment section on my articles again. This is everyone’s first of two warnings. If your comment gets flagged or reported to me for severely inappropriate content, or you are a repeat offender in regards to instigating problems, you will be banned. Period. There is no second chance with this, especially if the same problems reoccur here that popped up at the old blog. Behave yourself; the internet is a public place. Do you really want everyone to see your hate? If you wouldn’t want your children or grandchildren to read what you have posted, don’t post it.
  • If you notice that I (or another writer(s) that I’ll find at some point this year) have made a mistake, send us an email from the “Contact Me” page and tell us! Regardless of what the article is, whether an opinion piece, a news report, or anything else in between, be kind when reporting boo-boos. We’re human, and we’re all entitled to a bad day. We will probably make a mistake somewhere in the post on occasion, and we’ll happily change it for you when it is brought to our attention. Just don’t steam roll someone over a mistake; that’s how resentment toward you will build and your emails will start going unread if you repeatedly are rude to the writers.
  • For those that are interested in writing a post here and there, or want to heavily write on horse racing, there is a spot for you too on the Galloper! At some point over the Spring, I will be including a “Want to Co-Write?” page on the blog. This is going to be a one time thing until the desired number of bloggers is reached or if someone leaves and a replacement is needed. Everything will be explained as to how to submit your request on that page as well! There is no off-limits topic as long as it is factual when it is required to be and the opinion pieces are true opinion pieces and not a “bash article”.  We’re not PEOPLE magazine, and any kind of post that sounds like something that belongs in that sort of media will be denied.
  • Everyone’s first comment will be held for moderation. This is a new feature that I have added onto the site in lieu of some of the problems with spam posters and problem starters from the last blog. So, if you’re a first time reader, or a returning commentator that had a name change, don’t panic when you see that your comment is being held for moderation. You’re not in trouble, unless you wrote something you’re not suppose to, and your comment will be allowed in short order. After that, you won’t have to worry about it being held for moderation anymore. Also, any comment that includes two or more links will also be held for approval so keep that in mind when including any outside sources in your comments.
  • There will now be a rating system for comments. This doesn’t reflect anything about you, or your status as a contributor to the comments on the blog. It is merely to see how others view your perspective and a flag for me to keep an eye on someone if they’re consistently getting bad ratings.

Phew! That was a lot to talk about but hopefully this will be the only house keeping post that I’ll have to write until new features are introduced to the blog. If you’ve gotten down this far and actually read that entire mess above me, you’re a good soul. If you skimmed it, that’s fine but don’t get mad when you ask me a question that was covered here and I tell you to re-read this.

That’s it from me. A new racing related post should be up later today or early tomorrow, so look for a link to it on my Facebook (for those of you who are friends with me) or on my Twitter feed.

As always, thank you for reading.


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